2 months over. Roadtrip ahead. Time flies.

Sometimes pictures say more than words:

Cypress Provincial Park, Vancouver

Weekend trip to Birkenhead Lake w/ them Girls (& too much food)

4 Lakes Trail, Squamish

Murrin Provincial Park, Squamish

Canada Day/150 Years Celebration, Downtown Squamish

Golf & Country Club, Squamish Valley

Last days w/ these little Monkeys


Among others were these my last weeks here in Squamish and I can’t add much more to that. I’m just so thankful and happy for our time here, it couldn’t have been any better. It was like a little infinity that showed me time doesn’t define the intensity of how well you know people or how they infect you. It took me just two months to say that I’ve found a new part of my family (which sounds so weird, Paula and I can’t even explain this love by ourselves lol) and a second home for life time.

Thanks Squamish and thanks Paula, Geoff, Ava and Jonah. See you in 2 months for the final Goodbye!


Now: off to new adventures.
# N E X T S T O P :  K E W L O N A

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  1. Paula Owen
    Juli 14, 2017 / 5:18 PM

    Like I said to you, you came into our home like a breath of fresh air.
    Have so much fun on your travels! Can’t wait to see/hear about it

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