monatsschnipsel 12

in need to go home
to feel safe, to be warm

not to lose my sense of hope
because it all feels so wrong
everything that’s on
i’m tired

wake up
i need to rest
my thoughts weighting down my chest

in the middle of nowhere

cozy nights
quite days
lonely hours
silent prays

kept inside
thinking twice
not to run wild
or to do so?

walls caving
flowers blooming
i’m screaming
where to go
might be late
let it snow

all over the place

give me relief
something to breathe
in order to feel, to be free

keep care of my heart
the one that receives
that lasts

stand tall as the trees
your love on my sleeves
the pain you carry
is the strength
you gave me

making memories of love
because in the end
this is all we got

left this year with a full heart
carrying some scratches
hello 2021,

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