monatsschnipsel 10

looking up
endless heights
shining so bright

red yellow orange grey
colors of comfort
coming to stay

laying down
all the weight
my heart is full

auf der Suche
nach klarer Struktur
in benebelter Normalität

auf der Suche
nach farbigen Antworten
in monotonen Stimmen

auf der Suche
nach dem Ausweg
aus euren kalten Lügen

es wird dunkel
ich will Wärme
nicht Alleinsein

stay quiet and never find out
speak up and lose a friend now
I’m tired of sitting in between

Pay No Mind – ford.


to let them pass time, but not you by

purple blue orange red
slow smooth short to get
cold skies, welcome back

what if,
silence never came

i thought,
the wrong words
would be the worst

now I know,
quite and soft
I’m even more lost

what if,
we never knew october

too late
you want to make it right, but now it’s too late
my peanut butter chocolate cake with kool-aid
I’m trying not to waste my time

Redbone (Mahogany Sessions) – Miller Blue

left head and heart at the beginning of october, damn permanent reverie

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